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Unknown carving tools, wood handles looks like carbon steel blade

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You have a set of three contour scraping tools. They can be used for molding, picture frames or any other wood surfacing involving non-flat surfaces. You might use them for paint removal or wood preparation prior to painting, for areas not easily reached with sandpaper.

scraping tool


What a coincidence, these are the shave hooks that I mention in my Answer posted only yesterday.

They're intended to scrape paint and other finishes, usually after it has been softened with chemical stripper or by heat supplied by a blowtorch or heat gun.

Poor-quality ones will be quite blunt and don't work well as supplied. Decent ones have a reasonable edge from the factory but even these can be improved upon if honed to a truly sharp edge by hand. Most modern-day shave hooks are soft enough that sharpening can be accomplished using a file, older ones can be much harder and really need to be honed with the same sorts of things you'd use for a chisel. Yours could be the latter type to judge by the well-made handles.

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