Our new wide planked country ash hardwood flooring needs a little stain to warm it up. I would like the stain to be environmentally healthy but am confused about whether to use a water based stain or an oil based stain as I hear the water based can be streaky. We are thinking about putting Bona Traffic HD as the water based poly on it afterwards. How important is it to stay "within product" vs. to use an oil based Minwax stain and then the Bona Traffic on top? And what about the VOCs of the oil based stain? Finally, any experience with Safecoat products?? I could also possibly use one of their stains and polys. Any in put would be appreciated!!!

  • Welcome Susan, but Too Many Questions In One ;-) As much as possible a Question here should be about one thing, this is four or five queries rolled into one. If you want to get some back and forth going about this given all the things you aren't sure about yet it would be better to ask on a conventional forum not on StackExchange which has a strict question-and-answer format. The one on Reddit is good and isn't too intimidating for the first-timer. – Graphus Mar 23 '18 at 17:19

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