My router has countersunk holes in its base. What am I supposed to attach between the bit and the base?

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    A picture would be useful to clarify your question – Chuck S Mar 5 '18 at 15:45
  • Agree a picture would be a great help as I think we have a confusing idea of whether this is about countersinks or actually counterbores (or both, as some [older?] router bases have holes of both types).. – Graphus Mar 6 '18 at 13:39
  • The plastic base that rests on the work piece has 3 conical indentations around its central hole so that you can insert screws without their heads interfering with the work. – joeforker Mar 6 '18 at 14:00
  • Those holes are usually for mounting the plastic base plate to the router base. Perhaps this is meant to fit more than one router – Chuck S Mar 6 '18 at 15:05

The large countersink that surrounds the bit is for guide bushings for template work. The smaller holes are probably for the auxiliary fence attachment.

  • The main hole would have a counterbore surely? – Graphus Mar 6 '18 at 13:41
  • Of course it is. Changing terminology doesn't clarify to the Original Poster. Rather than muddy the waters I allowed counter sink to include counterbore. – Chuck S Mar 6 '18 at 14:57
  • But you could have gone over the difference (even if just with links) as part of fleshing out a more complete and comprehensive Answer of maximal help to the OP, which is rather what the site is about. – Graphus Mar 6 '18 at 19:25

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