I am trying to heat a wood kiln safely to 140 degrees F. Ideally there would be a commercial product available. All electrical heaters have a high temp cut off switch around 120F that protects the heater. The only option I can think off is have the heater outside and duct the hot air inside, but that causes other issues with pressure and the unit not sealed.

Are there any electrical products rated at or above 140F that would be suitable.


I built a DIY jar preheater for my candle business from an old cabinet about 5 feet long by about two feet deep and two feet wide and heat it with 3 - 250 watt heat lamps (in ceramic sockets) to 150 degrees F. or more. I bought a cheap controller and thermocouple from Amazon to regulate the temp for about $20 and it works great! Getting out of the candle business and into woodworking and plan to use the heat cabinet to kiln dry resawn firewood. I covered the inside of the box with metal HVAC tape to reflect the heat and reduce loss through the box itself. Give it a try!

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