I have a 10in craftsman table saw with the fence. How would I square up the sides of a 1x6x4ft board? Would i need jig of some kind. Or would using circular with a straight edge be better. Mainly looking for proper technique using a table saw. Thanks.

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Unless you already have a straight edge on your board, your fence will just replicate the errors of one edge to the other. What you need is a straight edge jig. It's fairly easy to build. Here's an example from the Wood Magazine.

Straight Edge Jib

There's also many videos on YouTube.


A jointer if you have one is a better way of squaring the edge of the board.

Set the board with the face you already jointed to the fence of the jointer and make a pass.

You can square up the other edge with the table saw.


The simplest procedure is to use a fence and a feather. It looks like this:

enter image description here

You can either buy them or make them. Use scrap wood to adjust the feather and the fence until they are perfectly straight.

Use a carpenter's square to determine whether each of your four corners is square.

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    This doesn't really help if the fence-side of the board isn't flat/true to begin with.
    – grfrazee
    Jul 5, 2017 at 18:45

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