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Hi everyone My carpenter friend has made me this mini grand piano shell for my one keyboard and I want to get it painted or sprayed like a grand piano finish. I'm a complete novice here and need every assistance like what paint to use? Do I want an epoxy resin etc Any help really appreciated and thanks in advance.


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I have used a water white conversion varnish for years with very excellent results. it must be applied with a sprayer and dries very quickly so multiple coats can be applied. I get my sprayer gun at harbor freight for $10-$14. Conversion varnish is a catalyzed product that can easily be buffed out once it is cured. Check out Lenmar Megavar. Excellent stuff. Once cured, use a buffer with 3M Perfect-It 05973. Epoxy would be impossible to apply to vertical surfaces and it's much more expensive. I believe you would be well served by using this process.

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