The original bar and chain that came with the chainsaw had 38cm length, 0.325" pitch, and 1.5mm gauge.

Can I change them with a 45cm length, 0.325" pitch, and 1.3mm gauge?

I know the length is within the limits of the chainsaw, but I don't if gauge can be different


Without know the model # I can not give you the exact answer, but this can get you as close as you can with the said info.

This shows all compatible sizes for Husqvarna chainsaws https://www.baileysonline.com/Pages/Chainsaw-Chain-Cross-Reference-Chart/


It depends on chainsaw model. On some model of Husqvarna chainsaw, you can change the bar length and chain setting(pitch/gauge), on some model you cannot.

But in most cases, you can use a smaller or larger bar than the stock bar size. Check the manual or product description in online.

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