I have found some triple flute drill bits and am wondering if they are any better than the double flute. I would think they make cleaner cuts but am sure there is some bad things that go along with it. Anything about this is helpful.

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    I have a strong suspicion that as far as woodworking goes a 3-flute bit is an answer to a question nobody asked. We already have multiple bits we can use to drill all sorts of holes, and if the "cleaner cuts" thing is the primary advantage supposed for a triple-fluted bit I'd have to ask, compared to what? A double-flute bit of the same type or a lip-and-spur bit or as traditional auger? Even comparing standard twist bits cutting performance and how crisp the entry hole is will vary with bit quality and how the tip is ground — most twist bits used by woodworkers are NOT dedicated wood bits.
    – Graphus
    May 18, 2016 at 8:29

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They cut faster and cleaner. Negatives that I know of is cost (they are more expensive) and heat. They will heat up quicker because there is less steel there. Too much heat and your bit is dead.

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