I have a wooden table, which I accidentally spilled water onto yesterday. I thought it would simply dry, but a couple of hours later I noticed that the water had pooled on the wood and the surface under the pool appeared discolored.

I dried it off and noticed that the gray discoloration was coming off, so I scrubbed all of the gray off, and afterward the color looked consistent. Unfortunately, a few hours later I found that the area under the pools now looks completely different from the rest of the table.

My guess is that I accidentally removed the stain from the wood. I know nothing about this topic though, so I wanted to ask the experts:

What do you think happened here? How can I fix it?enter image description here

A picture of the current state of the table is attached.


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What do you think happened here?

It looks like the water either got under the finish and caused it to bubble up/peel or the water partially dissolved the finish, which you then scrubbed off by accident.

How can I fix it?

If it's finished the shellac, you might be able to apply some new shellac and buff it into the existing finish.

Otherwise, if it's a film-type finish like polyurethane varnish, you're pretty much limited to removing the old finish and doing it over.

You've got some good answers on the cross-post in DIY too.

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