I can see well without glasses or contact lenses.

What form(s) of eye-protection are convenient, provide good protection, and do not cause fogged vision?

I assume that I need protection against both things that I can see (in front of my eyes), and things that are off to the sides. Wrap-around goggles (even with holes for ventilation) tend to fog up, and keep me from seeing what I am working on.

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    heat the goggles before wearing them Mar 18 '15 at 19:44
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    One of my friends in college always joked that he was wearing his "safety contacts." I haven't had much luck when trying to track him down in recent years, but I hope he still has both eyes.
    – rob
    Mar 18 '15 at 22:28

I know that specific product recommendations are not appropriate, so I use these as an example of the type:

I have found this style to be very comfortable and non-fogging. I often end up wearing them into the house without realizing they're still on my face.

I will note that this brand tends to be "wallet light" at my local big-box store.


I will make two suggestions:

  1. Close fitting, OSHA approved, polycarbonate 'wrap around' glasses. They look similar to the fake Oakley sunglasses I foolishly bought as a kid. They are surprisingly comfortable compared to something like goggles.

  2. If you have goggles, but don't like the fogging, trying 'Defogging Liquid/wipe'. These are available readily and often make a huge difference in your visibility.

Personally, I prefer polycarbonate, as I feel it tends to naturally fog up less. I will say my 'Stealth Safety' brand lab goggles form college still hold up and are very comfortable with great ventilation. However, at $35-55 they are not as easy on the wallet.

  • These can also be shaded or just clear with UV protection for outdoor use. Very comfortable.
    – Brad
    Mar 30 '15 at 18:29

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