I have some overstock of some baltic birch plywood and 1" MDF and I'd like to make some wood cribs similar to the ones in this forum

enter image description here

My intention is to sandwich a 12"x12"x1" piece of my MDF with my ply. Is face gluing these surfaces with Titebond original a good option?

Since these will live in the garage, I'd like to properly seal them as well. I live in a 4 season climate, so humidity will be a problem as well as the occasional splashing of water when washing cars or if it's a windy rainy day.

Here is a picture of how I envision the cribs to look. They will be in the neighborhood of 4" tall, so I will likely build 3 units per each of the 4 tires. This way I won't be lifting each tire 12" at a time. This also presents another potential safety concern, stacking 3 of these 12"x12"x4" units on top of each other, any suggestions on locking them in to keep the flat surfaces from sliding under load?

Thank youenter image description here

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  • That all being said, this is teetering on the edge of being off-topic for woodworking; there is very little carpentry or woodwork involved here.
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  • Hi, welcome to StackExchange. This would not be an ideal use for plywood, even good quality birch ply. Ply, in common with all such laminated material, is compressible (and you might be surprised at just how much). Much better to make these from solid wood given the weight they'll be asked to support.
    – Graphus
    Commented Mar 23, 2022 at 20:35
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    Additionally, with the price of lumber in today's market, especially the price of Baltic Birch plywood, you'd probably be better off using some (relatively) cheap 2x4 (as in the picture) to make the cribbing and save the plywood for something that really needs it.
    – FreeMan
    Commented Mar 24, 2022 at 15:49
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    I'll point out that that picture they didn't even bother to remove the stapled stickers from the ends -- there is no finish and it is easy to see why. In most cases it just isn't useful for utility pieces like this. They are going to get dirty and oily no matter what you do, and there is little most finishes can do to protect against that. If left unfinished and allowed to dry (i.e., not left tossed on wet earth) they'll last just as long with or without finishing.
    – user5572
    Commented Mar 24, 2022 at 21:31


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