I've recently got two lovely wooden chairs, and I wanted to disassemble them to fix their wobble issues and to revamp some dings that the wood in the wood.

I'm stuck on figuring out how to detach these flush interlocking metal joints that they used to join the four legs., and are the main cause of the wobble. It looks like a simple sliding mechanism with two parts that screw into two different pieces of wood, and one slides into the other (see pictures). I've tried sliding the inner part out but it seems to be locked and it doesn't bulge (and I don't want to apply too much pressure and split the wood). I can't see any locking mechanism.

The joint

From the side

From the bottom

Any ideas on how I can detach these two pieces of wood? (if it makes any difference, it is a dutch-made chair)

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, welcome to Woodworking. I'm not familiar with those (never even seen a pic of them previously) but it sure looks like a simple sliding mechanism from the photos. If it is, there are multiple reasons the two pieces could get stuck but regardless within reason you should be able to knock it apart without further damage to the wood. Use a hammer (the heaviest you have) and a block of sacrificial soft wood and tap on each end and see if you can get it to start moving in the obvious direction (upwards in image 1, down in 2). A squirt of WD-40 or similar into the mechanism should help. – Graphus Apr 27 at 21:35
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    @FreeMan, I took that to be the side of a round-head screw that isn't fully tightened (or has worked loose). – Graphus Apr 28 at 17:59
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    Thanks to everyone who replied! In the end, @Graphus was right. It turns out that sometimes all you need is some WD-40 and good old brute force. The fastener came loose after a bit of convincing with a hammer, and thankfully the wood was not split or damaged further. Success! Thanks again for all your answers! – Josh Bruegger Apr 29 at 10:06
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    @JoshBruegger if you'll take the tour, you'll see that this is a Question & Answer site, not a general discussion forum. Please write that up as an answer (in the box below), then, as soon as the system will let you, click the check mark next to it. This will help others find the answer, as not everyone reads comments and they can get deleted. – FreeMan Apr 29 at 13:34
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    Yes, bashy-bash-bash rather than tappy-tap-tap is usually the order of the day when something is stuck in a woodworking context :-) Do write that up as a self-Answer so you can have the points, and the badge. – Graphus Apr 29 at 15:37

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