This cherry lumber has some faint, but definitely noticeable, green streaks.

green-streaked cherry Source: me

I'd like to give the piece I make with these boards a natural-colored finish, but not if the streaks will show. How can I eliminate, or at least reduce, the visibility of these green streaks? Would a dark stain hide them, or could I remove them before putting on something like Danish oil?

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It depends on how deep they are, but I suspect they are very shallow. So I would either run them through my planer at a minimal setting, or use a hand sander to sand off the discoloration. When my cut lumber sits outdoors drying it gets discolored strongly, but it still only takes a couple passes of the planer to have nice clean beautiful wood.

Otherwise, yes a darker stain would likely hide it as well. I personally would try one of the two ways I listed to remove it first though.

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