I want to construct a tv console with a drop down door, but i want the door to fully retract into the cabinet after it’s dropped down. I’m not sure what type of hinges i need for that. what hinge system can do that?

  • Some sort of drawing would probably help a lot since I can't envision a hinge that's also attached to a slider of some sort. – FreeMan Dec 9 '20 at 17:19

Cabinet pocket door hardware, is the search term you want. (Retractable door slide may also be helpful)

Accuride has several. The model 1316 may be the one you want as it appears to keep the door from swinging down when retracted.

Other models would work but you would need to ad a cleat on the sides of the cabinet to keep the door from swinging down when retracted. (If used on top)

These are all set up to be on top, (or the side) you state "drop down" I suppose you could use them in that orientation. The 1234 or the 1312 would work for that application.

Here is a Accuride Youtube video showing all of those models.

There are many options, but this should point you in the right direction.


You could try something like this.

Series 123 Flipper Door Slide with hinges

enter image description here

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