I'm building a farm=style dining room table with thick legs. Dimensions are - 7 ft L x 38.5 in W x 31 in T, with tabletop being 1 inch. I don't know how to do pocket holes, can I use brackets instead? I have not started yet and wanted to double check first. I was thinking to use brackets to attach the legs to the apron, something like this - enter image description here!enter image description here![enter ![enter image description]

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    Hi, welcome to StackExchange. We're going to need a little more detail than this. What part of the build specifically does this refer to? It's not clear what you mean by bracket, it may be something woodworkers typically call a different name. A back-of-envelope sketch would help us if you can do one; you can then edit your Question to add the image. – Graphus Sep 4 at 6:59
  • "I dont know how to do pocket holes" I don't want to necessarily encourage you to use pocket screws because I'm not really a fan of them (because of how they're overused these days) but there is a simple solution to this ^_^ Seriously though, because of how popular these have become there are approximately a zillion guides to using pocket screws online, both the old-timey way (no jig) and using one of the many jigs available. – Graphus Sep 4 at 7:00
  • Welcome to WSE. This site serves woodworkers with an emphasis on developing fine craftsmanship skills and we can certainly help you plan your furniture piece. The connections you are proposing are more suggestive of home improvement projects than furniture pieces. It is certainly possible to make a dining room table only using hand tools and glue. I would suggest that you begin by providing a sketch or other image that you want to make along with some rough dimensions and a list of the tools that you have available. (cont) – Ashlar Sep 5 at 0:38
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    There are also plenty of posts on this site that can give you ideas on how to put this project together. Click on the tag table making to get a list of other related questions. – Ashlar Sep 5 at 0:39
  • One could argue that woodworking.stackexchange.com/q/3685/5572 is a duplicate of this. – jdv Sep 5 at 3:29

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