After leaving a bug spray can on my wooden table overnight, I went to remove it the following morning. When I did the wood seemed stuck to the bottom of the can. As I removed it, the finish was taken off. What is the best way to fix?

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    This would depend a lot on the finish. You can search the finish and finishing tags to look through the existing answers to find out how to test to see what your table was finished with, then edit that into your question. While you're searching, you will also find some very useful info on repairing whatever kind of finish you've got on your table. If you don't find something specifically for your finish, edit your post to explain your particular situation and explain what's not working for you. – FreeMan Apr 13 at 15:05
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    Note that some of the descriptions on testing the finish may be in the comments on the OP as well... – FreeMan Apr 13 at 15:07
  • It's very likely you will need to strip and refinish. Not the whole piece, but the entire of the top surface at least. If it is finished in shellac or lacquer a spot repair is eminently possible as long as you already know how, but take it as a given that it's pretty much impossible for a first-timer to get a seamless result. So even with those finishes which are known for their easy repairability you are probably best off stripping and refinishing. – Graphus Apr 13 at 19:41

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