I'm making a table from Sapele. I stained it using Old Masters wiping oil stain but, unfortunately, due to the grain it came out blotchy. A friend suggested using a dye instead of oil stain. I tried the dye on a sample, and it solves the problem.

I proceeded to sand off the top layer with the oil stain. Unfortunately, no amount of sanding gets the oil removed completely. A few minutes after sanding I observed dots of oil on the surface, apparently coming from deep pores. It has been a few days of sanding and observing the same result.

So, the question is: what will happen if I apply a wood dye on top and then seal? Will the top coat seal off the oil pores, or oil will bubble up through? enter image description here

  • I think this is going to have to be a try it and see. The oil-based stain in the pores shouldn't affect dye absorption over a wider area, but it's hard to know for sure how it will react (especially as you don't mention if the dye is based on water or alcohol). BTW this is a classic example of why you test finishing regime in advance. – Graphus Feb 13 at 17:32

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