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Top new questions this week:

Is there such a thing as a standard sized track for mitres/fences etc?

Is there a standard or common size or sizes (width/depth/profile) for tracks in machine beds and jigs for fences, mitre gauges, feather boards etc? If there are a few common sizes, do they vary from ...

jig fence miter-slot mitre-slot  
asked by Andrew M 4 votes
answered by jdv 3 votes

How do I repair winter/water damage and protect against future occurence?

Last year, I built my first piece of outdoor live-edge furniture: What are the potential issues with this bench design? and What should be done to treat decorative wood for outdoor use?. I expected ...

wood-repair water-protection live-edge  
asked by Nicholas 1 vote
answered by Programmer66 1 vote

Bar top with live edge slabs and 90 degree turn with live edge "round" at the corner

I am working with Eastern White Pine. I have 12' slabs, approximately 2.5" thick, with live edge and I am making a bar top. The final finish is planned to be clear epoxy. This is for a bar in an ...

wood design live-edge  
asked by Rob 1 vote

How thin a blade in plunge saw

I have recently purchased a plunge saw and a blade. The saw is a Macalister msps1200, which is a rebranded Titan in UK, similar to many cheap ones. The blade is a good Freud 1.7mm kerf. I have now ...

safety circular-saw track-saw kerf  
asked by Tallmaris 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why a zero clearance insert?

I sometimes see woodworkers talking about a zero-clearance insert for their table- or band-saws. What is it? And why/when should I use one?

table-saw band-saw  
asked by ratchet freak 20 votes
answered by aaron 20 votes

How to improve a sliding miter saw dust collection?

I have a sliding miter saw with a seriously undersized dust port (1ΒΌ"). It's originally built to throw the dust in a tiny bag. When ever I make cuts, about 25% (bag) or 50% (shopvac) of the dust is ...

sawdust dust-collection miter-saw  
asked by Maxime Morin 10 votes
answered by rob 8 votes

How can I cleanly cut a large circle out of plywood?

How can I cut a large (3.5' - 4' in diameter) circle out of a 4x8 sheet of plywood. The preferred method would be one that doesn't leave any holes/marks in the circle's plywood surface. It needs to ...

technique tool-selection plywood  
asked by Programmer 14 votes
answered by grfrazee 23 votes

How can I prevent outdoor cedar projects from losing their color?

I love the look of natural cedar for outdoor projects. I built a small garden fence a few years ago, and made the mistake of leaving it unfinished. It's completely gray/silver now. I'm planning on ...

finishing outdoor finish-selection  
asked by Doresoom 7 votes

Making wood filler from sawdust

The piece I am currently working on does not need to be perfect in any way, I am actually going for a slightly rough look (due to many mistakes along the way) but I would like to hide some of the ...

finishing glue wood-repair sawdust  
asked by Gareth Shepherd 13 votes
answered by borgs 6 votes

How do I stop the table I built from wobbling/shaking side to side?

I got a wood cut and bought adjustable table legs, secured the legs to the wood, but the table wobbles/shakes horribly side to side, and sometimes even the other way when i even only write something ...

wood design table-making stability  
asked by user3080 5 votes
answered by bowlturner 2 votes

How should I store the batteries of my cordless drill?

I have a nice cordless drill that came with two rechargeable batteries. However, there are times when life gets in the way and I'm not using the drill at all over the course of several months. When I ...

tools power-tools tool-maintenance  
asked by drs 17 votes
answered by Matt 16 votes
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