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Top new questions this week:

Is there a known solution to the arbor nut on my DeWalt jobsite saw coming loose?

Found this site searching for "loose arbor nut." A couple of years ago several subscribers mentioned that the arbor nut on their DeWalt jobsite saw (DWE7491) repeatedly came loose. Unaware ...

user avatar asked by Dan Score of 2

Design : Plywood table for computer

I am trying to make 5 by 2 computer table. For mentioned design what should be thickness of plywood?, also I am trying to adjust table in 8 by 4 plywood sheet. Design: Measurements are in Foot, (12 ...

design plywood table-making  
user avatar asked by vijaysy Score of 2
user avatar answered by Caleb Score of 0

Simple MFT base (that isn't a workbench)

I've made the plunge to buy a CNC'd MFT top, but it's just a sheet of MDF. I don't currently have my shed set up to have any sort of proper workbench, so I'm thinking of making some sort of low base ...

user avatar asked by physicsboy Score of 1

Downside to Mortising Jigs against Festool DOMINO?

There are a number of Chinese mortising jigs on the market which work by mounting a trim router, GANWEI 2-In-1 Slotting Wood Trimming Machine Holder - Banggood Tool Sets Tianli Mortising Jig Given ...

joinery mortiser  
user avatar asked by Evan Carroll Score of 1
user avatar answered by Caleb Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I speed up stain drying with a hair dryer?

Can I speed up stain drying with a hair dryer or a heat gun? Is there any reason not to? If it matters: In my case Minwax Wood Finish or Varathane brand, oil based, not gel, referring to all coats ...

finishing technique  
user avatar asked by Jason C Score of 12
user avatar answered by Graphus Score of 10

Water-based polyurethane Vs. Oil-based polyurethane

What are the key differences between a water-based polyurethane and a oil-based polyurethane? How would one be better than the other? What lasts longer on wood, penetrates, Etc. When should there be ...

user avatar asked by Ljk2000 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Graphus Score of 5

What wood type is suitable for a childrens toy?

I'm a GCSE student and for my exam I have to design a children's toy and I wanted a durable, non toxic and cheap wood for some of my designs that could be thrown around and be put into children's ...

wood wood-selection  
user avatar asked by Sophie H Score of 5
user avatar answered by aaron Score of 5

What wood is not good to use in a cutting board?

I have heard that there is some wood that should not be used in a cutting board because it can be 'bad'. I am not sure what wood is not good, but I guess some wood is poisonous and stuff. I use woods ...

safety wood  
user avatar asked by Ljk2000 Score of 6
user avatar answered by Graphus Score of 6

How to calculate the angle for the legs?

I want to build the table on the photo, but can't figure out how to calculate the angle to cut the legs. Table should be 2 m X 1 m x 75 cm (height) Thank you

user avatar asked by Carlo Score of 4
user avatar answered by fred_dot_u Score of 6

How to identify a wood drill bit from a metal drill bit - and does it matter?

I have a drawer of tons of drill bits from all over the place - many donated. Almost all of these bits are dull black or gold-ish colored and don't have much else in the way distinguishing them (...

tool-identification drill-bits  
user avatar asked by NipFu Score of 21
user avatar answered by Eli Iser Score of 31

What can I do if I lose the chuck key for my drill?

The string holding my key to the drill broke and I didn't notice at first. I have a couple of drills so I don't have to change the bits often. I am aware that I can buy a new key for my drill but that ...

user avatar asked by Matt Score of 13
user avatar answered by Matt Score of 18
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