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Top new questions this week:

Is it safe to use just the chippers in a dado stack?

I have a dado set that comes with a 1/16" and a 3/32" chipper. These will be perfect for the 5/32" dado I need to cut. Unfortunately, the outer blades are each 1/4", so there's no ...

table-saw safety dado  
asked by FreeMan 3 votes
answered by Ashlar 8 votes

Refurbishing Posts & Beams in a Modern 1954 House

I'm trying to refurbish the posts and beams in my house. They're quite beat up in some spots and have water damage streaks in the existing finish(es) in others, so I've decided to strip the existing ...

finishing staining refinishing paint shellac  
asked by Brooke Green 2 votes

What is the primary advantage of using sealer before applying grain filler?

I am trying to achieve a glossy finish on a piece of open grained wood, so I am looking at applying grain/pore filler to even out the surface. The articles/videos I've found online pretty much all say ...

asked by Ethan Reesor 2 votes
answered by Graphus 3 votes

Repairing a damaged chair frame

I have a few novice questions about repairing a wooden frame for a chair (upholstered recliner type, not a kitchen chair although it does not recline) that arrived damaged. Two of the corner pieces ...

asked by Woodworking Devil 1 vote
answered by Graphus 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Harden soft pine

I made a dutch tool chest out of extremely soft pine. I was wondering if there is some penetrating finish that will harden up the outside a little bit. Obviously it won't be dent proof but maybe ...

finishing pine  
asked by jbord39 3 votes
answered by SaSSafraS1232 5 votes

What might be stronger than a miter but still look like a miter joint?

In this bench, the joints appear to be simple miters; however, I can't believe that this piece would be stable with a simple miter. How might this joint be constructed so that it is strong enough to ...

joinery racking  
asked by Daniel B. 14 votes
answered by dale 1 vote

How do you straighten/bend wood planks without removing any material?

I have some 6' long 2"x12" planks of douglas fir that dried into a twist, I need to straighten it out but I don't want to plane this any thinner. So basically I'm trying to bend the board back into ...

warp douglas-fir bending  
asked by Netduke 20 votes
answered by bowlturner 14 votes

DIY honing oil?

I can't find honing oil locally anymore. My (chisel) sharpening is pretty low-end - I don't even know what kind of stone I have. (I got it at Lowes, long ago. It has 2 faces, one pink, one dark-ish ...

asked by George 14 votes
answered by Graphus 14 votes

What is the difference between a sabre saw and a jig saw

This is more out of curiosity. I came across the term sabre saw and tried to figure out what it was. Searching the internet turned up results for both a jigsaw: ...and a reciprocating saw: This ...

tools tool-identification  
asked by guitarthrower 9 votes

When building an outdoor structure, should I use pressure-treated lumber or something like cedar?

I am building a pergola (~10'x10') on my patio (and plan to build a gazebo out in the yard), but before I build it, I want to make sure I'm using the best option for lumber. Should I use pressure-...

pressure-treated lumber outdoor  
asked by warren 11 votes
answered by keshlam 6 votes

When are pocket holes an appropriate joinery technique?

I have come across a lot of designs and plans for things like outdoor furniture, kids' furniture, etc., that call for the use of pocket holes. I can appreciate why this is enticing to a lot of people ...

technique joinery  
asked by Steven 15 votes
answered by Daniel B. 13 votes
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