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Top new questions this week:

How to restore small whiskey barrel?

I was gifted a small barrel, maybe a half gallon (guessing) in volume, pictured below. I let it sit for too long, I guess, and now there are gaps between all the staves. I read somewhere that you ...

wood wood-repair restoration  
asked by Dathan 1 vote
answered by Salah LM -2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to straighten a warped board

So you have a board removed from a pallet that, once removed, shows significant warping. Or perhaps you bought some lumber and you didn't notice an imperfection. This is visible along the width of ...

lumber pallet warp  
asked by Matt 13 votes
answered by rob 15 votes

Why a zero clearance insert?

I sometimes see woodworkers talking about a zero-clearance insert for their table- or band-saws. What is it? And why/when should I use one?

table-saw band-saw  
asked by ratchet freak 20 votes
answered by aaron 20 votes

What wood type is suitable for a childrens toy?

I'm a GCSE student and for my exam I have to design a children's toy and I wanted a durable, non toxic and cheap wood for some of my designs that could be thrown around and be put into children's ...

wood wood-selection  
asked by Sophie H 4 votes
answered by aaron 4 votes

How to solve the behandla problem -- removing or avoiding sticky oil residue

I bought (gerton top taple) from IKEA and the instructions require to apply the (behandla treatment oil) "Apply a thin coat of BEHANDLA wood treatment oil. Leave the oil to penetrate the wood for ...

asked by Reem 5 votes
answered by Graphus 10 votes

How can I make a sliding interior 'barn' door?

I want to make a door similar to this: What kind of wood would you recommend and what would be the best way to build it? I am guessing it would need to be reinforced from the back?

wood-selection door  
asked by James 6 votes

How to restore old files?

I have accumulated quite a few old files over the years. Some are not very effective, but I have never thrown them out. I have tried cleaning them with wire brushes and have even tried solvents, but ...

asked by Ashlar 12 votes
answered by Graphus 16 votes

How do you make mortise and tenon joints using power tools?

There is already a question about making mortise and tenon joints using hand tools. It would be nice to also catalog the various ways of making mortise and tenon joints using power tools. Wherever a ...

joinery technique power-tools mortise-and-tenon  
asked by rob 11 votes
answered by drs 6 votes
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