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Top new questions this week:

Will forcing a twisted drawer front flat cause issues?

I'm working on cherry drawer fronts for a dresser with inset drawers. The drawer in question is 38" wide and about 8" tall. The drawer itself is 1/2 Baltic Birch. The board has already been ...

warp drawer  
asked by Brian Thompson 3 votes
answered by Graphus 2 votes

What is the difference between MDF and MDO?

What are the differences between Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and Medium Density Overlay (MDO)? In woodworking circles, MDF seems to be much maligned, yet MDO seems to be rather highly praised. ...

wood wood-selection mdf  
asked by FreeMan 2 votes
answered by Greg Nickoloff 9 votes

After using Minwax gel stain in Mahogany... which top coat ? Minwax Water Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane or Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane?

I applied 1 coat of Minwax gel stain in mahogany to a coffee table, waited 24 hours and then applied a 2nd coat of gel stain. Waited 3 days for the gel stain to cure and I'm now ready for a topcoat. ...

finishing staining  
asked by Nicole 1 vote
answered by Graphus 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I apply polyurethane over oil before oil cures?

Specifically I am wondering about polyurethane (Rustoleum Ultimate) over boiled linseed oil, but in general polyurethane or other top coats with similar chemistry over any drying oil. Question is: ...

asked by Jason C 12 votes
answered by Graphus 9 votes

Dealing with knots "bleeding" through paint

I'm sure that people have seen this where you would be painting something white or lightish colour only to have the resin from the knots bleed through paint sometime later. Similar to what you see in ...

technique wood-repair paint  
asked by Matt 13 votes
answered by Graphus 4 votes

Is it OK to use WD-40 to clean wood?

I'm comparing it to mineral spirits essentially. Are they the same on wood? Mineral spirits seems to strip off any finishing on wood, will WD-40 do the same?

asked by strider 2 votes
answered by Jacob Edmond 5 votes

How to calculate the angle for the legs?

I want to build the table on the photo, but can't figure out how to calculate the angle to cut the legs. Table should be 2 m X 1 m x 75 cm (height) Thank you

asked by Carlo 4 votes
answered by fred_dot_u 6 votes

Can I make a dado blade set out of multiple regular blades?

Lets say, for argument sake, that I have 2 or 3 10" blades for my table saw. That would give me just under 3/8 inches, when all mounted together, which I could use to make dadoes. With what I have ...

safety table-saw dado  
asked by Matt 14 votes
answered by Doresoom 15 votes

What is the minimum length I can thickness plane?

The thickness planers I've seen have a cutter head between two rollers. The rollers grab the stock and feed it past the cutter head, counteracting the force applied by the blades. If the rollers do ...

safety thickness-planer  
asked by lars 14 votes
answered by TX Turner 19 votes

How should I store the batteries of my cordless drill?

I have a nice cordless drill that came with two rechargeable batteries. However, there are times when life gets in the way and I'm not using the drill at all over the course of several months. When I ...

tools power-tools tool-maintenance  
asked by drs 19 votes
answered by Matt 18 votes
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