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Top new questions this week:

What are these white fibers emanating from the inside of my lignum vitae lidded box?

Several months ago I turned this lignum vitae lidded box. The first thing I noticed after completing it was how quickly the wood changed color in the sunlight, going from a just-turned honey brown to ...

finishing turning  
asked by AKA 4 votes

Routing out recess for base plate - router table

I want to make a mini router table. The base material is a type of birch plywood with 15 layers or so, 21mm thick. Well if the dictionary serves me right, it's actually called "textured coated board" ...

router plywood router-bit router-table  
asked by user1847129 3 votes

How to get an even sheen with wiping varnish?

I am making my own wiping varnish by following Bob Flexner's recommendation of mixing polyurethane varnish (in my case, Minwax semigloss) with odorless mineral spirits. Everything seems to be going ...

finishing polyurethane  
asked by Norman Ramsey 1 vote
answered by Graphus supports Monica 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you plane end grain?

I tend to like power tools, because I need a lot less 'skill' to get the same quality product. However, I do like learning hand tool techniques and sometimes they are just as good or better than ...

plane end-grain hand-planing  
asked by bowlturner 16 votes

Making biscuits cuts by hand

A good answer from my question on joinery talked about using a biscuit joiner. While this is a great idea a biscuit joiner is not in my top 5 of tools to acquire. I do have a variety of, recently ...

joinery hand-tools  
asked by Matt 12 votes
answered by Matt 6 votes

Issue sanding between coats of polyurethane

So I am playing with finishes for the first time and experimenting with polyurethane. My problem involves quoting the instructions on the can and giving some background into my process. Bear with me. ...

technique sanding oiling  
asked by Matt 11 votes
answered by Graphus supports Monica 9 votes

When using a hand saw, how do I cut a straight line?

When I'm using my hand saw to make various cuts, I find it extremely difficult to make a straight cut. Where am I going wrong, what I am missing that the pros seem to have down?

technique hand-saw  
asked by anthonyv 38 votes
answered by Peter Grace 27 votes

Can I apply water-based polyurethane over an oil based stain?

I recently finished a dresser top in a very light gray oil based stain. Afterwards I applied a water based matte poly, because I didn't want any yellow tint to show on the light gray color (see this ...

finishing staining  
asked by Doresoom 18 votes
answered by grfrazee 13 votes

How long does glue take to dry?

If I'm using PVA or wood glue, how long does the workpiece need to remain clamped before I can remove the clamps and move on to the next stage? Thanks to the magic of editing, it's hard to tell from ...

asked by Neil Barnwell 2 votes
answered by Graphus supports Monica 6 votes

What is the best finish for wood in a bathroom

I have nearly finished making a small table which will be placed in a bathroom. I am concerned about protecting the wood in a humid/damp environment. The bathroom can get quite humid while people are ...

finish-selection moisture  
asked by MarkH 10 votes
answered by Graphus supports Monica 6 votes
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