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Top new questions this week:

Let pine dry or use it right away for building a work bench?

Woodworking newbie here. For fine woodworking, I understand you should let wood dry and get accustomed to your shop (or ideally wherever the finished product will live). Okay so of course that make ...

workbench pine wood-drying  
asked by BVernon 2 votes
answered by Graphus 2 votes

How would I test the stability of my (bed) design before building?

I have been designing a plywood bed. I have an idea for legs with two or four angled plywood pieces (not parallel) attached to a big plywood sheet top with beefy L-brackets. I've thought of a few ...

design plywood stability  
asked by Nenotlep 1 vote

What are some proper ways of doing rabbets in plywood using hand tools?

What are some proper ways of doing rabbets in plywood with hand tools? I tried using a plough plane but it tore out the fibers too much. What other manual options are there?

hand-tools plywood rabbets rebates  
asked by Andrei Rînea 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to remove dust after sanding before applying paint/oil/glue?

Before one can paint a piece of wood, it should be clean from any dust on its surface. What is the recommended way to remove the dust? I tried using a hand brush, which only got rid of the rough ...

sawdust surface-preparation tack-cloth  
asked by null 17 votes
answered by Graphus 7 votes

Wood Staining is blotchy and black...HELP!

I've searched and searched but I cannot find anything on the internet that looks close to my bad stain job, so here's the low down: I'm finishing my dining room tabletop and chair seats. I'm using oil ...

wood staining  
asked by Tiffany 5 votes
answered by Graphus 3 votes

How does one properly mount a breadboard end?

Given the below design which really violates the mechanical use for a breadboard, assuming that I were otherwise building a farmhouse table with pocket screws, what would be the appropriate way to ...

joinery wood-movement  
asked by Peter Grace 11 votes
answered by grfrazee 12 votes

How to cut the centre out of a large round of wood

I have a large round of wood (horizontal slice of a tree) which is about 20 inches across (circle diameter) and 8-9 inches deep. I want to take the centre out of the wood, either by cutting a circle ...

technique tools power-tools drilling turning  
asked by AntonyM 13 votes
answered by Graphus 6 votes

Long term, what happens if I paint wet wood?

If I paint wood, for outdoor use, while it is still very wet, what problems can I expect in the long run (2-3 years)? In my specific case, I have pressure treated outdoor lumber (fir), which I ...

wood paint moisture  
asked by Jason C 6 votes
answered by Ashlar 5 votes

Water-based polyurethane Vs. Oil-based polyurethane

What are the key differences between a water-based polyurethane and a oil-based polyurethane? How would one be better than the other? What lasts longer on wood, penetrates, Etc. When should there be ...

asked by Ljk2000 4 votes
answered by Graphus 5 votes

What is the best way to enlarge a hole with my cordless drill?

Whenever I try to make a hole slightly larger with my cordless drill, the drill bit catches and wanders, and doesn't stay centered. Normally I use twist bits, but I'm pretty sure I would have the same ...

asked by rob 11 votes
answered by LeeG 10 votes
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