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Top new questions this week:

Need help getting stain out of wood table

I unknowingly overfilled a plant on my wood table. It left a water mark. I looked up how to get rid of it and tried using an iron with a towel and that didn’t seem to work. I have also tried Vaseline ...

wood staining  
asked by Brittany Score of 4
answered by Walnut Close Score of 5

Difference between basic arrangement and methods of dimensional lumber frames

When I'm arranging dimensional lumber in a frame there are three basic arrangements I can make. Is there a standard for using these arrangements? Below is an image of a CAD design of 2x4 dimensional ...

joinery technique design  
asked by Nathan Goings Score of 1
answered by Graphus Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Water-based polyurethane Vs. Oil-based polyurethane

What are the key differences between a water-based polyurethane and a oil-based polyurethane? How would one be better than the other? What lasts longer on wood, penetrates, Etc. When should there be ...

asked by Ljk2000 Score of 4
answered by Graphus Score of 5

What size pilot hole should I drill for for a specific size of screw?

I am trying to install a safe using 8mm coach screws (legislation dictates this is the minimum required size) into Jarrah. What size pilot holes should I drill? Is there a standard reference chart? I ...

drilling screws  
asked by Vinciture Score of 8
answered by Jason C Score of 8

Wood Staining is blotchy and black...HELP!

I've searched and searched but I cannot find anything on the internet that looks close to my bad stain job, so here's the low down: I'm finishing my dining room tabletop and chair seats. I'm using oil ...

wood staining  
asked by Tiffany Score of 6
answered by Graphus Score of 4

Is there an average depth that works best for book shelves?

I am planning on building a bookcase and some previous attempts have resulted in shelves that are too deep for most books. Is there an average depth that would work best? For example would a 9-inch ...

asked by John M Score of 14
answered by Jack Score of 8

What wood type is suitable for a childrens toy?

I'm a GCSE student and for my exam I have to design a children's toy and I wanted a durable, non toxic and cheap wood for some of my designs that could be thrown around and be put into children's ...

wood wood-selection  
asked by Sophie H Score of 4
answered by aaron Score of 4

How to finish a branch to keep the bark (partially) on?

My son found a nice thick branch that I want to turn into a walking stick for him. Unfortunately, I can't tell what kind of wood it is exactly. The bark is still partially on and doesn't seem loose. ...

finishing physical-protection  
asked by SQB Score of 9

How to remove dust after sanding before applying paint/oil/glue?

Before one can paint a piece of wood, it should be clean from any dust on its surface. What is the recommended way to remove the dust? I tried using a hand brush, which only got rid of the rough ...

sawdust surface-preparation tack-cloth  
asked by null Score of 19
answered by Graphus Score of 8
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