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Top new questions this week:

Unknown hinge type on ottoman chest

I've got an old ottoman chest with a broken hinge. I'd like to replace it but don't know the name of the hinge type and my Google skills have failed me. The key part is the loop of metal that stops ...

hinges hardware-identification  
asked by OldBoyCoder 2 votes
answered by jdv 4 votes

Filling screw holes in cutting board

I took the legs off a cutting board because I want to use both sides of it. That has left four screw holes about 5mm (0.2") in diameter. Would it be OK to fill these holes with Titebond III glue ...

wood-repair end-grain cutting-board  
asked by extrasalt 1 vote
answered by Graphus 2 votes

Filling an old hole to offset it a few mm and put in a fastener, what is the best approach?

Hi everyone I have a large dining chair where the factory drilled a hole that attaches the back 2-3mm off. The idea is to fully close up the hole and re-drill in proper place. The 2 holes will overlap....

wood furniture  
asked by Woodworking Devil 1 vote
answered by jdv 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between a rip-cut and a cross-cut?

In this answer talks about rip and crosscuts and that one saw is better for ripping than one that is more suited for crosscutting. What is the difference between the 2 cuts and why would a saw-blade ...

saw-blade rip-cut  
asked by ratchet freak 39 votes
answered by Pascal Belloncle 38 votes

Is a plunge router suitable for router table work?

I mounted my plunge router to a new router table this weekend. I discovered very quickly that it is difficult to adjust the router bit height, as the springs (the very heavy springs!) end up fighting ...

router router-table  
asked by Bill Nace 12 votes
answered by keshlam 4 votes

How do I stop the table I built from wobbling/shaking side to side?

I got a wood cut and bought adjustable table legs, secured the legs to the wood, but the table wobbles/shakes horribly side to side, and sometimes even the other way when i even only write something ...

wood design table-making stability  
asked by user3080 5 votes
answered by bowlturner 2 votes

Tips for recognizing aged pressure treated wood

New lumber that is pressure treated will have tags that identify the chemical used. More noticeably is the green or brown colors from the treating process. So newer wood is easier to identify as ...

wood toxicity pressure-treated reclaimed-wood  
asked by Matt 11 votes
answered by Ast Pace 5 votes

Miter saw does not cut all the way through

I have a cheap miter saw. When I saw something the blade does not go all the way through. The blade does not reach entirely between the fence and the bottom, leaving a part uncut. Is this a known ...

power-tools miter-saw  
asked by Sjoerd 4 votes
answered by Sjoerd 6 votes

How can I prevent outdoor cedar projects from losing their color?

I love the look of natural cedar for outdoor projects. I built a small garden fence a few years ago, and made the mistake of leaving it unfinished. It's completely gray/silver now. I'm planning on ...

finishing outdoor finish-selection  
asked by Doresoom 7 votes

Stain then glue, or vice-versa?

After you've fabricated your pieces, is it better to "glue-up", then stain? Or is it better to stain first, then glue? What's a good rule-of-thumb?

staining glue assembly process  
asked by Jeromy French 28 votes
answered by TX Turner 11 votes
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