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Top new questions this week:

90° notches into side of thick dowel legs

I’m trying to build a fairly simple-looking wooden table with four 3" dowel legs. I don’t plan on using any screws, what I want to do is about 1" down from the top of the dowel I want to ...

furniture dowel square  
asked by Shela0219 1 vote

How to cut a mid-surface bevel?

I sometimes need to make a mid-surface bevel in wood from 2' to 8' long as shown below and am wondering what recommendations there might be for good ways of doing it (without using a custom blade). ...

joinery bevels  
asked by Treow Wyrhta 1 vote

Will my tacky polyurethane eventually cure when average air temperature rises?

So, for lack of a proper shop, I was applying a first coat of undiluted Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane (oil based) to a plywood box using my dining room table under a plastic drop cloth as a work ...

finishing polyurethane  
asked by Henry Taylor 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I hollow out a square hole in a solid piece of wood to make a box?

I recently made the main body of a box by taking a solid piece of wood and drilling out the inside with the largest drill bit I had. I used the drill over and over until I had a squarish hole inside ...

asked by NipFu 6 votes
answered by Graphus 11 votes

How to sharpen a circular saw or mitre saw blade

I got a mitre saw second hand and I am not sure how long it was in service for. I don't want to just buy a 12 inch blade as they can be expensive. Ultimately, I will have to purchase one at some point....

safety sharpening circular-saw miter-saw  
asked by Matt 11 votes
answered by Michael Karas 14 votes

What part of a cabinet is the "carcass"?

What is a carcass (or carcase)? Does the term have general usages in woodworking outside of cabinetry? A cabinet, for example, consider the American style one on the right: If I remove the doors, ...

terminology cabinetry  
asked by Jason C 6 votes
answered by keshlam 4 votes

Why and when should I wear a dust mask?

I'm a handy man with limited woodworking projects these days. I mostly use a circular saw, jig saw, and orbital sander to make crude storage. Sometimes I cut MDF, etc. I've seen it mentioned ...

safety sawdust dust-collection  
asked by Zach Mierzejewski 19 votes
answered by rob 16 votes

How does one properly mount a breadboard end?

Given the below design which really violates the mechanical use for a breadboard, assuming that I were otherwise building a farmhouse table with pocket screws, what would be the appropriate way to ...

joinery wood-movement  
asked by Peter Grace 11 votes
answered by grfrazee 12 votes

What is the difference between full overlay and half overlay hinges?

I am building cabinet doors for a cabinet we inherited from a friend. The cabinet has a 3/4" face frame around the caracasse. I am investigating different hinges, but I am not sure what the ...

cabinetry hinges  
asked by Peter Grace 11 votes
answered by rob 15 votes

Dealing with knots "bleeding" through paint

I'm sure that people have seen this where you would be painting something white or lightish colour only to have the resin from the knots bleed through paint sometime later. Similar to what you see in ...

technique wood-repair paint  
asked by Matt 13 votes
answered by Graphus 4 votes
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